The University of Florida is dedicated to individualizing your transition.  UF offers orientation programs designed to help students transition to college and assist family members in understanding their students’ experience during this exciting time.  Entering a new academic community is an important time in a person’s life and we want to help make it as successful as possible. New Student and Family Programs and the rest of the UF community are excited to share this experience with you and cannot wait to introduce you to The Gator Nation.

We are committed to ensuring that you receive the best and most accurate information as you begin your journey here at UF.  New Student and Family Programs, along with hundreds of campus partners, designed signature orientation programs to serve individual populations of students.

All Orientation programs are dedicated to creating a culture of care from day one. In order to foster student success each program supports new students and families by:

– Providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.
– Connecting students to University resources and people.
– Acquainting students with institutional expectations and values.
– Promoting learning and discovery both inside and outside the classroom.
– Foster pride in the global Gator community.

As a part of New Student and Family Programs in the Dean of Students Office, Orientation programs is just the beginning of your transitional journey.  We hope that you take time to explore more about our transition programs as well as family engagement initiatives.