Groups will be judged and evaluated on several specific points including: rationale for being included in the resource fair, value to new students, and organizational type. Please review criteria prior to submitting application.

• Each organization should have no more than two representatives for fire safety occupancy.
• If groups are unable to attend the involvement fair, please email ( at least 48 hours in advance.
• If a group is absent at one of the fairs without a 48-hour email notice they will receive a warning email.
• If groups do not adhere to the two-missed policy, then they will receive an email to let them know they are no longer a part of the resource fair.
It reflects poorly on the program and University when we tell participants they will be able to speak with someone from a particular department/organization and no one shows up.
• Those groups who choose to participate in the Resource Fair are expected to table at every session, arrive early to set up, and be prepared as soon as our students and their guests arrive
• Tabling will take place in the Broward Hall Basement from 5:25 p.m.. to 7:25 p.m. (four thirty-minute sessions).
• Set up should be done by 4:55 p.m. Each session participants sold plan to stay until 7:25 p.m. or until the last student or family member has left.
Times are subject to change at the discretion of New Student and Family Members.
• Participants should only wear insignia of the organization they are tabling for. It is only fair that they are representing the organization they are tabling with for the evening, NOT other groups that are not involved in the fair.
• Participants must be dressed appropriately (ex. No revealing clothing, offensive graphics, gym shorts, etc.)
• There will be limited storage space available to you and your student organization at Broward Hall, so you will not have to worry about bringing your tabling items with you every day. However, this is very limited storage and we hold the right to refuse storage.
• You are responsible for maintaining and organizing your table. Any food, handouts, or trash must be cleaned up by organization representatives prior to leaving the Resource Fair.