The Preview Orientation program provides an inclusive one-stop experience for students transitioning to the University of Florida. Each Preview program is designed around the specific needs of the individual and focuses on student success, persistence, and timely graduation. Costs are based on a variety of factors including facility rentals, staffing, meals and other programmatic expenses.

In accordance with Florida State Statute, students are charged a base orientation fee of $35 which covers general University information. To provide students the best orientation and transition process UF offers a robust two day orientation program as well as ongoing transition support throughout the first year for an additional Transition Support Charge which differs based on admit type. Students may choose to opt out of the full orientation and transition package. Students who choose to opt out would NOT receive the following: one-on-one preliminary course selection review & degree tracking review with orientation staff, overnight accommodations, meals, materials, transition support and access to extended resources throughout the first year.

Admit Type Cost
Summer B Freshman Cost Breakdown $150.00
Fall Freshman Cost Breakdown $150.00
Innovation Academy Freshman Cost Breakdown $150.00
PaCE Freshman Cost Breakdown $125.00
Summer A/C Freshman Cost Breakdown $125.00

*These prices include the mandatory state of Florida orientation fee of $35.00 as well as the additional transition support charge, which varies based on admit type.


All admits, regardless of admit type, should log into the registration system to view his/her individual costs for their intended program. Guests and family members’ costs will also be available. All charges must be paid in full prior to attending your scheduled Preview session. There is plenty of time and multiple sessions available to accommodate schedules. At the end of the day our goal is to ensure student success balanced with a clear understanding.