The University of Florida is excited to welcome you to its thriving community. To ensure that you have reached the right place please be sure to check your UFL email for specific instructions on your Transfer Preview registration process. The registration process is individualized based on the term and/ or program the students admit type. We request that students are the ones to make their reservation for orientation as the registration will ask students to submit important personal and academic information to enhance their orientation experience.

Registration for Preview 2018 is now open. Students have been sent an email once registration was available. Our team will send emails out every few weeks reminding students to sign up for Preview.

Starting your time as a Gator can feel overwhelming with thousands of questions running through your head. Feel free to explore the rest of our website to learn about the orientation and transition process.

If you have questions please check the Frequently Asked Questions page. For more specific questions email or give our office a call at 352-392-8396.