Transitioning to a new place can be filled with many emotions! Preview is just the beginning of your journey to truly becoming a Gator.  New Student and Family Programs is multifaceted and includes four primary areas orientation, transition, retention and family engagement.  Whether you are freshman, transfer, online, residential, summer b, fall, IA, honors, or one of the countless other campus designations your transition will face similar markers.  Transitions area within New Student and Family Programs is responsible for providing programs that support your success and transition to the University of Florida. In collaboration with various campus departments and academic areas, we strive to support you inside and outside of the classroom.

From the moment you step foot back on campus with New Student Convocation, you will have the opportunity to interact with 6,000 of your closest friends. As classes begin, Weeks of Welcome will ensure that your calendar is filled with fun and interesting things to do.

Once classes begin, First Year Florida, the University of Florida’s signature transition course, will teach you all you need to know about the University of Florida and what it means to be a successful Gator. First Year Florida is your guide to academic success.  We’ve found that students enrolled in First Year Florida have a higher GPA than their peers who did not take First Year Florida. In addition, this one credit course features small class sizes and an upper classmen mentor, a Peer Leader, to help you adjust to your new home.  94.04% of students that enrolled in the course, strongly agree or agree that their peer leader aided them in making a successful transition to UF. As you can see, this isn’t your typical academic course.  With outside engagement, campus involvement, and your peers, you will participate in, and maybe even make your own, gator traditions.

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